Entry #16

Artificial Aphrodite

2013-06-13 09:19:38 by jamiedude

So for my university project i have been creating this animation on flash, aftereffects and sketchbook... as in drawing in an actual sketchbook not software :3 lol

anyway so far its going well. in a sense its already finished however this is because it was rushed to meet the deadline. It now needs refurbishing. scenes new editing and new ones need creating, so its going to take awhile.

in the link below is a scene created with the use of a particle effect to produce rain. This clip shows a wanted poster the person of which is hiding in this desolate landscape. He is unaware of the danger he is in. I think i shouldbe able to finish this animation in two mouths time.

intro and rain scene

also below is a screenshot of one scene, this one includes panned shots over a landscape. which im still building.........sooooo many photoshop files.

Artificial Aphrodite


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